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Rowers May Head To Open Water | Heraldtribune.com

SARASOTA - International rowing officials are in town this week ... to check out area beaches? Sarasota-Bradenton has already secured the 2017 world championships, but the sport's top Kim Kardashian sekstape free stream officials are reportedly considering the area to host other international competitions, such as the World Rowing Coastal Championships. What's that? Picture athletes moving wider, sturdier racing shells amid the chop and waves of a local bay or ocean in an open water rowing sport that has gained traction in the past decade. "It's a rebirth of an old mode of transportation," said Paul http://freemannngh.tblog.com/post/1971387941 Blackketter, the director of the nonprofit that runs Nathan Benderson Park, last week. Matt Smith, executive director of the International Rowing Federation, and other rowing officials toured the area on Monday and and will continue their visit today.
Source: http://www.heraldtribune.com/article/20150126/columnist/150129746

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