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Mental Wellness Warriors: Fighting For Those Who Need It Most - Cnn.com

Leon Evans Leon Evans believes in the concept of "therapeutic justice," the idea that the mentally ill should get treatment rather than sent straight to the nation's jails and prisons after committing offenses. Leon Evans helped form a center in San Antonio to keep the mentally ill out of jails and prisons. The center saved the city an estimated $15 million in 2014. "It's not the courts that get them better, it's the treatment," he says. Evans has been instrumental in bringing together law enforcement authorities, mental health officials, judges, and policymakers in Bexar County in San Antonio, Texas, to work together in dealing with the mentally ill. "It doesn't make sense to have these people in prison because they don't make good prisoners," he says. "Mentally ill inmates worldstarhiphop kim kardashian agitate other prisoners and that makes it dangerous for everybody." Evans helped develop what is called the Restoration Center , an integrated mental health service center that opened in 2003. When San Antonio police pick up a mentally ill person, their first stop now is the Restoration Center.
Source: kim kardashian official href='http://www.cnn.com/2015/01/16/health/mental-wellness-warriors-fighting-for-those-who-need-it-most/index.html' >http://www.cnn.com/2015/01/16/health/mental-wellness-warriors-fighting-for-those-who-need-it-most/index.html

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